Young Enterprise Awards – North Yorkshire.

Young Enterprise Awards - North Yorkshire.

Last night we photographed the awards ceremony for the North Yorkshire Young Enterprise Awards at the Pavilions, Harrogate. As the official sponsor of the award for ‘Continuous Improvement’ it was so refreshing to see young people who were passionate about business.
Sometimes, as our own businesses develop, it’s easy to become complacent and forget about why you started in the first place. A dash of youthful enthusiasm is a great tonic and North Yorkshire Young Enterprise are doing a wonderful job of showing schools in the area just how exciting business can be!


It’s how we make a living.

It’s how we make a living.

Us photographers are a funny lot. We love what we do – but we also need to earn a living!  We want our photos to be seen by the largest audience possible, but we do need to eat, and feed our children.  There’s a problem at the moment with ‘orphan’ works – that is, photos that can’t be traced back to the original owner, and subsequently paid for if they are used commercially. Despite our best efforts to protect our rights, and income, there’s a problem brewing with some legislation. Today, the BPPA have asked none other than David Bailey to get involved – and he’s written directly to George Osborne – fingers crossed that a bit of ‘celebrity’ clout helps our cause.

Click the link above to see his letter.

What is a picture worth?

Just because an image is on your screen, it doesn’t mean you can use it for free! 

For some reason, normal law abiding web users, throw caution to the wind when ‘stealing’ (and it is theft) photographer’s images to use on their own web sites. Or worse still, unscrupulous web designers steal them for use on their customers web sites… and charge a fee that never gets passed back to the photographer!

We supply stock images for use all over the world, and whilst some are paid for, we can’t help feeling that there’s a lot of cases of image theft going on. Education is needed… preferably at school… so that the next generation of business people understand copyright, and the value of intellectual property.

OK, rant over!  Here’s a link to an interesting article about this very subject in the Guardian: