Cherubs Baby Photography in York

For many years now, our qualified baby photographer, Kate, has created wonderful images of babies in our York studio. It’s become a large part of our business, mainly because Kate’s very good at creating baby photographs that really capture those early moments in a child’s life. Her photographs of babies in the York area are classically composed and lit, so they’ll look as good in ten or twenty years time as they do now.

There are lots of options available, so we’ve developed a dedicated website just to showcase this range of work for all the new mums in the York area…

They’re not just photographs of your baby… they’re future family heirlooms.

Italian Stock Photo Shoot

It’s a hard life sometimes…

We’ve recently returned from an intensive eight day trip to shoot stock photos in three Italian cities.  The heat was incredible (usually around 37C), particularly for two pale English photographers who think that it’s hot when we have to take our cardigans off.

But, we endured it, for the sake of our art!

The quality of the light, and locations, was outstanding – with beautiful images just waiting to be created at every turn.

We did our research before travelling, and had ‘key’ shots in mind before we even left the dampness of the UK.  But with some of the most iconic art, sculpture and architecture within Europe, we shot far more than we ever imagined.

Overall, we’ve added around 900 images to our photo library – all available to licence for commercial applications or as fine art prints to decorate your home or office walls. (see links below).

Click here to view a short video with a handful of our favourite Italy photos from the trip

Fine Art prints of our Italy photos are available from

Our Italy photos can be licenced for commercial use from

What is a picture worth?

Just because an image is on your screen, it doesn’t mean you can use it for free! 

For some reason, normal law abiding web users, throw caution to the wind when ‘stealing’ (and it is theft) photographer’s images to use on their own web sites. Or worse still, unscrupulous web designers steal them for use on their customers web sites… and charge a fee that never gets passed back to the photographer!

We supply stock images for use all over the world, and whilst some are paid for, we can’t help feeling that there’s a lot of cases of image theft going on. Education is needed… preferably at school… so that the next generation of business people understand copyright, and the value of intellectual property.

OK, rant over!  Here’s a link to an interesting article about this very subject in the Guardian:

Flexible friends

During the summer holidays (remember them?) we carried out a commercial photography shoot in the beautiful surroundings of the Recital Room at Bootham School, York.  
Our brief was to provide stylish photographs for the school’s resident artist and art teacher Rachel Antill. As well as being a celebrated artist, Rachel is also an amazing yoga teacher and is in the process of publishing a book about this age old practice.
It’s not aimed at the technical ‘how to do yoga’ market as there are plenty of those around already. Of course these areas will be covered in Rachel’s book, but alongside the yoga instructions will be spiritual and dietary suggestions which could help us all to lead better lives. (For those of you wondering… Kate takes part in the Yoga classes but Paul finds opening wine bottles provides all the spiritual and physical exercise he needs).



Keeping it “Local”

Although we get to work for some large blue chip clients all over the UK, it’s always nice to ‘keep it local’.

And this month, two of our long standing local clients have helped us to win some awards:

Paul spends a lot of time involved in judging photographic qualifications and competitions, but this year he decided that he should step outside his comfort zone and once again enter the Yorkshire Master Photographer’s Awards.

The competition was judged anonymously, and we’re delighted to announce that Paul won the Commercial/Advertising Photographer of the Year award AND had his work Highly Commended in the Fashion category!

What makes this win even better is the fact that both images were shot for long standing ‘local’ clients – UK Juicers, and Blue Hairdressing – two businesses that appreciate the power of creative imagery to market their own products and services.


To see how we could create award winning commercial product photographs or stylish people photographs in York for you please visit our website or call 01904 416684.

How many megapixels is enough?

Kate was recently given an opportunity to test the latest 60 mega pixel  camera (yes, SIXTY), from Hasselblad (just in case you haven’t heard of them, Hasselblad are world leaders in camera design and have been at the top of their game for decades – they are the camera manufacturer preferred by NASA and responsible for putting cameras on the moon).
Anyway, with Paul in need of a new profile photo, and Darron Hartas (The Master Photographer’s Association marketing guru) also offering to model, Kate cracked open a lurid pink background and got to work!
Apart from being the most incredibly sharp and detailed photos that we’ve ever seen from a digital camera (scarily detailed in fact), they illustrate the importance of having a corporate profile photo that matches your personality. This style might not be right for the legal or accountancy professions, but as Paul and Darron both work in creative industries they kind of “fit”.


Do you need a new profile photo?  Click here

Girl Power

Today (5th April 2011), Kate delivered a presentation to members of the York WIRE (Women In Rural Enterprise) group at their monthly meeting. It's not often that Kate gets to present her work to non-photographers, as most of our seminars are delivered to other pro-shooters through the British Institute of Professional Photography and Master Photographer's Association. So, as well as offering a great showcase for some of Kate's favourite images, the event proved to be a refreshing change to Bailey Cooper Photography's usual seminar audiences.

WIRE was founded in 1996 and now lobbies at national level to keep rural businesses at the forefront of politics. On a local level, it's a great way for women in business to network and stay in touch with each other on a monthly basis.

Kate ended her presentation with a short AV of her favourite images which can be viewed on YouTube (link below)  

We’re not usually the subjects!

We normally prefer to stay behind the camera… it’s best that way…. but one of Kate’s shots (of Paul) has just made it through to the final of a competition run by Liberty.

Now the problem is this: The winner will be decided by the number of Liberty fans who ‘like’ the photo. So, despite Paul’s embarrassment, we really need all our lovely friends to ‘like’ the photo in the Liberty Facebook album before the deadline at lunchtime on the 28th. We’d be eternally grateful!

Thanks (from Kate… Paul’s not so sure.)

PS You need to ‘Like’ Liberty first… and then ‘Like’ the photo in the album.

Here’s the link to Liberty…

And here’s the link to the pic…

UPDATE:  WE WON!  Many thanks to all our lovely friends who voted for us (and even asked their friends to as well). It just goes to show that the power of social networking can be harnessed. As soon as the bike arrives we’ll publish some photos. 

Shoot something Funny for Money! It’s Comic Relief Day.

We thought long and hard about it… but decided that none of our customers would want to look 'funny', so we had to turn the camera on ourselves!

It's comic relief day and so we're doing our bit for charity: Apart from buying four T-shirts, two bags, and a comic relief branded Liberty scarf (for Kate… honest), we're also donating 20% of today's reprint order value to Comic Relief. With so many nasty things happening around the world at the moment, it's nice to do something funny AND raise valuable funds.

(Apologies to all our customers visiting the studio today… Paul is wearing the red nose!)


Forget Orange… The Future is Blue

One of our wonderfully stylish clients has just received some great news about their work… Blue Hairdressing in York have been shortlisted in the regional finals of the L’Oreal Colour Trophy this year! 

We couldn’t be happier for them, especially as the initial judging is carried out using photos that were produced by Bailey Cooper Photography.

This latest triumph is just one in a long line of awards that Blue have picked up over the last few years. We’ve had the pleasure of many shoots at their York based salon and always look forward to working with the Blue team. In fact, they are as passionate about hair as we are about photography.

So, well done to Blue, and good luck at the regional finals!

Here’s a sample of the styles produced by the Blue team: