Stop Romanticizing About The Good Old Film Days – They Weren’t That Good

So true… It’s the image that matters, not how you get it. I’ve shot thousands of rolls of film, and sometimes I think I miss the ‘good old days’, then I slap myself in the face and tell myself not to be stupid! We’ve never had it so good!

Photofocus (old site)

The other day we posted about a nifty plug-in from Digital Film Tools that emulates film. The reaction was amusing. All 12 of the remaining film shooters in our audience felt the need to subject me to the appropriate amount of faux outrage. Their responses were predictable and I think come from the same general set of misconceptions.

If you’re young, and were born into the age of computers, you may tend to romanticize about the good old days you never experienced. I’ve shot more film than most of you. Digital only became available in the last half of my career and I spent more time shooting film than I have yet shooting digital. I was there. I did it every day. I lived it. It wasn’t that great.

Those of you who are of the religion of low – light would have hated it. Tri-X had – (insert Jaws…

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Moving pictures

Moving pictures

Video based marketing is big at the moment, and is destined to become BIGGER by the people who know. Google, and YouTUBE, are the biggest two search engines on the planet, and if they love video, then you probably should too.

A well produced professional corporate video on your website will improve your web hits, and lead to more business.  Unfortunately, the internet is awash with badly produced videos shot on mobile phones and webcams. This is not the way to promote your business!  It doesn’t matter whether you’re using still – or moving – pictures, the principles remain the same: Good lighting, good composition, and top quality production, are all needed to present a professional image for your business.

We can help…

What is a picture worth?

Just because an image is on your screen, it doesn’t mean you can use it for free! 

For some reason, normal law abiding web users, throw caution to the wind when ‘stealing’ (and it is theft) photographer’s images to use on their own web sites. Or worse still, unscrupulous web designers steal them for use on their customers web sites… and charge a fee that never gets passed back to the photographer!

We supply stock images for use all over the world, and whilst some are paid for, we can’t help feeling that there’s a lot of cases of image theft going on. Education is needed… preferably at school… so that the next generation of business people understand copyright, and the value of intellectual property.

OK, rant over!  Here’s a link to an interesting article about this very subject in the Guardian:

Flexible friends

During the summer holidays (remember them?) we carried out a commercial photography shoot in the beautiful surroundings of the Recital Room at Bootham School, York.  
Our brief was to provide stylish photographs for the school’s resident artist and art teacher Rachel Antill. As well as being a celebrated artist, Rachel is also an amazing yoga teacher and is in the process of publishing a book about this age old practice.
It’s not aimed at the technical ‘how to do yoga’ market as there are plenty of those around already. Of course these areas will be covered in Rachel’s book, but alongside the yoga instructions will be spiritual and dietary suggestions which could help us all to lead better lives. (For those of you wondering… Kate takes part in the Yoga classes but Paul finds opening wine bottles provides all the spiritual and physical exercise he needs).



Keeping it “Local”

Although we get to work for some large blue chip clients all over the UK, it’s always nice to ‘keep it local’.

And this month, two of our long standing local clients have helped us to win some awards:

Paul spends a lot of time involved in judging photographic qualifications and competitions, but this year he decided that he should step outside his comfort zone and once again enter the Yorkshire Master Photographer’s Awards.

The competition was judged anonymously, and we’re delighted to announce that Paul won the Commercial/Advertising Photographer of the Year award AND had his work Highly Commended in the Fashion category!

What makes this win even better is the fact that both images were shot for long standing ‘local’ clients – UK Juicers, and Blue Hairdressing – two businesses that appreciate the power of creative imagery to market their own products and services.


To see how we could create award winning commercial product photographs or stylish people photographs in York for you please visit our website or call 01904 416684.

How many megapixels is enough?

Kate was recently given an opportunity to test the latest 60 mega pixel  camera (yes, SIXTY), from Hasselblad (just in case you haven’t heard of them, Hasselblad are world leaders in camera design and have been at the top of their game for decades – they are the camera manufacturer preferred by NASA and responsible for putting cameras on the moon).
Anyway, with Paul in need of a new profile photo, and Darron Hartas (The Master Photographer’s Association marketing guru) also offering to model, Kate cracked open a lurid pink background and got to work!
Apart from being the most incredibly sharp and detailed photos that we’ve ever seen from a digital camera (scarily detailed in fact), they illustrate the importance of having a corporate profile photo that matches your personality. This style might not be right for the legal or accountancy professions, but as Paul and Darron both work in creative industries they kind of “fit”.


Do you need a new profile photo?  Click here

Girl Power

Today (5th April 2011), Kate delivered a presentation to members of the York WIRE (Women In Rural Enterprise) group at their monthly meeting. It's not often that Kate gets to present her work to non-photographers, as most of our seminars are delivered to other pro-shooters through the British Institute of Professional Photography and Master Photographer's Association. So, as well as offering a great showcase for some of Kate's favourite images, the event proved to be a refreshing change to Bailey Cooper Photography's usual seminar audiences.

WIRE was founded in 1996 and now lobbies at national level to keep rural businesses at the forefront of politics. On a local level, it's a great way for women in business to network and stay in touch with each other on a monthly basis.

Kate ended her presentation with a short AV of her favourite images which can be viewed on YouTube (link below)