Cherubs Baby Photography in York

For many years now, our qualified baby photographer, Kate, has created wonderful images of babies in our York studio. It’s become a large part of our business, mainly because Kate’s very good at creating baby photographs that really capture those early moments in a child’s life. Her photographs of babies in the York area are classically composed and lit, so they’ll look as good in ten or twenty years time as they do now.

There are lots of options available, so we’ve developed a dedicated website just to showcase this range of work for all the new mums in the York area…

They’re not just photographs of your baby… they’re future family heirlooms.

Italian Stock Photo Shoot

It’s a hard life sometimes…

We’ve recently returned from an intensive eight day trip to shoot stock photos in three Italian cities.  The heat was incredible (usually around 37C), particularly for two pale English photographers who think that it’s hot when we have to take our cardigans off.

But, we endured it, for the sake of our art!

The quality of the light, and locations, was outstanding – with beautiful images just waiting to be created at every turn.

We did our research before travelling, and had ‘key’ shots in mind before we even left the dampness of the UK.  But with some of the most iconic art, sculpture and architecture within Europe, we shot far more than we ever imagined.

Overall, we’ve added around 900 images to our photo library – all available to licence for commercial applications or as fine art prints to decorate your home or office walls. (see links below).

Click here to view a short video with a handful of our favourite Italy photos from the trip

Fine Art prints of our Italy photos are available from

Our Italy photos can be licenced for commercial use from

Make sure Dad’s in the frame this year

Times have changed – for the better.

30 years ago, it was always “Dad” who was the designated family photographer. The role was automatically assigned – and readily accepted. After all, taking photos was a technical process rather than a creative one, and it couldn’t possibly be undertaken by a woman or child!

At each family gathering, the process of recording the family for posterity was a job for the head of the household – a fact which turned out to have unfortunate consequences for some family albums.  If the camera didn’t have a self timer, “Dad” was very rarely seen in family photographs. He was always the one who pressed the shutter, and the result was a lot of photo albums which appeared to show single parent families!

How times have changed… The advent of camera phones means that everyone is now a photographer, so there’s plenty of snaps that now include “Dad” (and several that he probably wishes you hadn’t taken!).

Here’s an idea for Father’s Day this year: Just take a little bit more care over that snap… get the family gathered around Dad and take a photo that you’ll treasure in the future (you could even let “Mum” be in charge) – one day you’ll be glad that you did.

Time… it’s what we try to capture!

It’s an impossible task – time just can’t be ‘trapped’ ‘tamed’ or ‘captured’ – but it’s what we try to do every day, in our studio when we take portraits, or out on location trying to capture a fleeting moment when the ‘light’ is just right.

One of the best ways to capture time is a timelapse video – hours and hours of still images stitched together to form a video sequence that lasts for a matter of seconds.  They take time to produce, but the results can be mesmerising.

Our latest time lapse sequence was shot around London and includes some favourite landmarks: Tower Bridge, The Shard, Canary Wharf, The London Eye, and the Millennium Bridge.  Hope you enjoy it…

We’re Responsive!

We’ve always thought of ourselves as being ‘responsive’. Responsive to our customers needs and market demands – so when we were told that we were ‘un-responsive’ we were a little upset!

Then it dawned on us… it was our website that was un-responsive.

It worked, and it contained lots of information that looked great on a desktop, but not so good on mobiles. It wasn’t ‘responsive’ to the size of the screen it was viewed on. In fact, when we looked closely we realised that the text was too small on mobiles (but the photos were too big), yet on a  27″ iMac the text was fine, but the photos were too small !  Our site was only five years old, which isn’t long in human years, but is a lifetime in the world of technology.

So, we’ve sorted it out. Our new site adapts to your phone, or your desktop, and should provide easy access to the information that you need.  There’s bound to be teething troubles – bits that we’ve missed, or spellings that show our ignorance!  If you find any, please let us know!

Do you use a photo album for your holiday snaps?

Do you use a photo album for your holiday snaps?

There are some startling figures in this Daily Mail article…  1.9 Billion photos are taken every month in the UK, and only one quarter of them end up in a traditional photo album.

Ten years ago, the photo album was the accepted method of presenting your work –  both professional images and holiday snaps. Should we mourn it’s demise?

Well, on the downside it means that 75% of the photos taken only exist digitally. This isn’t a problem as long as they are backed up for future retrieval. Too many people rely on social media sites such as Facebook to be their ‘backup system’ and don’t keep their own copies. And using a phone as your primary image store isn’t really a good idea!

On the upside, we no longer have to endure the photo album full of somebody else’s holiday snaps!  Remember that sinking feeling when they bring out volume one of their ‘trip of a lifetime’… now, it’s easy to just say “we’ll view them on your Facebook page’!

Click here to read the Daily Mail article