Call in the experts

Last week we got the chance to photograph some lovely cupcakes that are made just around the corner from our studio. 

Jo Welch, who runs Jo’s Cupcakes ‘n’ Bakes has been delighting her customers with beautiful creations for quite a while but our paths had never crossed until recently. 

Now I’m sure Jo won’t mind us saying this, but she didn’t really see a need for professional photography when it came to her business promotion. And likewise, we didn’t see the need for professionally made cupcakes.  How wrong we both were!
Jo popped round to our studio with a box of cupcakes and we spent an hour photographing her wonderful creations. I think it’s fair to say that Jo was pleased with the results as they were a big step up from her own efforts (which we’re not knocking – she’d done really well). However, the real revelation for us was when we got to taste her cupcakes: Let’s just say that they were a lot better than the baking that comes out of our oven!  
Which really proved for both of us that if you want a job doing well (photography, or baking) you really need to call in the experts!