Make sure Dad’s in the frame this year

Times have changed – for the better.

30 years ago, it was always “Dad” who was the designated family photographer. The role was automatically assigned – and readily accepted. After all, taking photos was a technical process rather than a creative one, and it couldn’t possibly be undertaken by a woman or child!

At each family gathering, the process of recording the family for posterity was a job for the head of the household – a fact which turned out to have unfortunate consequences for some family albums.  If the camera didn’t have a self timer, “Dad” was very rarely seen in family photographs. He was always the one who pressed the shutter, and the result was a lot of photo albums which appeared to show single parent families!

How times have changed… The advent of camera phones means that everyone is now a photographer, so there’s plenty of snaps that now include “Dad” (and several that he probably wishes you hadn’t taken!).

Here’s an idea for Father’s Day this year: Just take a little bit more care over that snap… get the family gathered around Dad and take a photo that you’ll treasure in the future (you could even let “Mum” be in charge) – one day you’ll be glad that you did.

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