Do you use a photo album for your holiday snaps?

Do you use a photo album for your holiday snaps?

There are some startling figures in this Daily Mail article…  1.9 Billion photos are taken every month in the UK, and only one quarter of them end up in a traditional photo album.

Ten years ago, the photo album was the accepted method of presenting your work –  both professional images and holiday snaps. Should we mourn it’s demise?

Well, on the downside it means that 75% of the photos taken only exist digitally. This isn’t a problem as long as they are backed up for future retrieval. Too many people rely on social media sites such as Facebook to be their ‘backup system’ and don’t keep their own copies. And using a phone as your primary image store isn’t really a good idea!

On the upside, we no longer have to endure the photo album full of somebody else’s holiday snaps!  Remember that sinking feeling when they bring out volume one of their ‘trip of a lifetime’… now, it’s easy to just say “we’ll view them on your Facebook page’!

Click here to read the Daily Mail article

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