We’re not usually the subjects!

We normally prefer to stay behind the camera… it’s best that way…. but one of Kate’s shots (of Paul) has just made it through to the final of a competition run by Liberty.

Now the problem is this: The winner will be decided by the number of Liberty fans who ‘like’ the photo. So, despite Paul’s embarrassment, we really need all our lovely friends to ‘like’ the photo in the Liberty Facebook album before the deadline at lunchtime on the 28th. We’d be eternally grateful!

Thanks (from Kate… Paul’s not so sure.)

PS You need to ‘Like’ Liberty first… and then ‘Like’ the photo in the album.

Here’s the link to Liberty…

And here’s the link to the pic…

UPDATE:  WE WON!  Many thanks to all our lovely friends who voted for us (and even asked their friends to as well). It just goes to show that the power of social networking can be harnessed. As soon as the bike arrives we’ll publish some photos. 

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We shoot photos and video of people, objects, places, buildings, landscapes, food, animals, families, portraits, products... in fact, most stuff. We've won a lot of awards.There's two of us... and we're both qualified to handle a loaded camera. Call us.

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