Good enough to eat.

We’re at the end of a two day visit to the annual trade photographic
show, imaginatively titled ‘Focus’, which is held each year at the
NEC. Whilst the thought of forty eight hours trapped inside the air
conditioned shell of the NEC is not particularly appealing, it is a
great way to network, catch up with some old friends, and generally
immerse ourselves in all things photographic.
This year we were invited by the Master Photographer’s Association
(MPA) to help out with their judging of photographic qualifications –
an honour which we thoroughly enjoy. In addition to this, the MPA also
asked us to present a couple of short seminars entitled “The Art of
Food Photography”. Putting together the slides for this beforehand
made us realise just how much we actually enjoy shooting photographs
of food!  We assembled some of our favourite shots into a short video
for our seminar at Focus, which can now be viewed below. Hope it makes
you hungry!

The Art of Food Photography 

Bailey Cooper Photography

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We shoot photos and video of people, objects, places, buildings, landscapes, food, animals, families, portraits, products... in fact, most stuff. We've won a lot of awards.There's two of us... and we're both qualified to handle a loaded camera. Call us.

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